Study Agriculture Engineering In Ukraine

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 Basic Overview

Type Value
Online Education Possible For 1st & 2nd Year Because of COVID-19
Scholarships Not Available
IELTS / TOEFL Not Required
Medium of Instruction English
Entrance Test Not Required
Average Tuition Fee (Masters) 3000 US$ / Yearly
Average Tuition Fee (Bachelors) 2500 US$ / Yearly
Duration (Masters) 2/3 Years
Duration (Bachelors) 4 Years
Available Intakes September / February
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Agriculture Engineering is a very wide area that aims to help solve the world's hunger problems, health problems and improve the quality of life, as well as to increase the quantity of food available to our growing population. Ukraine is the country which is very much into culturing and agriculture to provide good quality food to their people.

Agriculture Engineering is both a theoretical research and a practical application of the agricultural field, such as cereal cultivation. A degree in Agricultural Engineering will research the practice of agriculture in both the microcosm and the larger picture, exploring the ethical and environmental alternatives to feeding an increasing global population. Courses may include modules such as cropping and pasture sciences, and plant nutrition.

In particular, agriculture will concentrate on plant and soil sciences, collaborating with companies to find ways to maximize yields and encourage sustainable agriculture. In the meantime, agricultural economics will combine applied economics with incisive agricultural analysis, examine finance and the effect on industry of financial systems such as tariffs, and explore ways of optimizing the use of natural resources.

Main modules such as public policy, data processing and environmental protection would be combined with electives such as applied econometrics or livestock production science in most undergraduate curriculums. 

A BS, or undergraduate degree, would be four-year course in agriculture, but it is possible to take applied study to a doctoral level. Many courses would be closely connected to local businesses, and students will even be able to operate a micro-farm on site.

Specialization Available for Masters In Agriculture Engineering:

  • Master degrees in Agriculture Engineering with specialization in Agriculture and forestry, animal science, horticulture, Soil science, rural development and land management are available in Ukrainian Universities.  
  • If you have a strong background of Agriculture Studies, you can apply for any above major subjects with good research opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission In Agriculture Engineering:

  • Required Education: The eligibility criteria for admission in Agriculture Engineering at Ukrainian Universities is 12-Years of education which is HSSC/FSc/A-Level with Science Subjects (Biology/Physics/Chemistry) and related subjects. For Master in Agriculture Engineering, the student must have a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science/Engineering (16-year of education) or related field.
  • Age: There is as such no age restrictions for studying Agriculture Engineering in Ukraine. For Bachelor program the student age should be between 18 years to 28 years.
  • Required Marks: 50% marks required for program of Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering.
    For Master in Agricultural Engineering Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0. 
  • Note: Some universities also accept lower marks and GPA for admission.

Benefits Of Studying Agriculture in Ukraine

  • Appreciation of Research: Ukrainian people do appreciate the people who work in research and development. They give them recognition and good respect.
  • Highly Rewarding: As their expertise help organizations keep up with new researches and development, Agricultural Scientists are paid handsome amount of salaries in the world. 
  • Development of Skills: One of the advantages of Agricultural Science studies is that you can gain skills that are useful in any career. Being logical and good at problem solving, for instance, are important qualities any employer will look for.
  • No Entrance Exam: There is no entrance or language proficiency exam (IELTS/TOEFL) for Admission in Agriculture Engineering in Ukrainian medical universities.
  • Cost of Living: Living cost in Ukraine is much lower than other European countries but you can enjoy the same lifestyle & diversity. This has become an effective reason for many to select Ukraine as their destination for higher education.
  • Personal Development: Students studying in Ukraine are encouraged to take part in other extracurricular activities like seminars and conferences to build their interest and confidence for overall learning and development.
  • Permanent Settlement: Unlike other European countries, Ukraine offers permanent residency opportunities for all International students from every country, so they can manage to do work in Ukraine after degree completion.