Study Language Course in Ukraine

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 Basic Overview

Type Value
Average Tuition Fee 1100 US$
Duration of Language Course 10 Months
Eligibility Criteria Anyone Can Apply
Admission Deadline From January To December
Cost For The Invitation Letter 450 US$
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Before discussing studying language course in Ukraine, we must know what does a language mean?


Language is the basic source of communication while talking, reading, or writing to convey your thoughts about anything.

Every country has its own national & domestic languages and people of that country communicate through different mediums by using their native languages.

Suppose anybody travels to other country where a different language is spoken, then it becomes very difficult to communicate with the people of that country but in case you know the language of that country, then many doors will open for you in that new place.

No matter what is the intention of traveling to any other country where a different language is spoken if the traveler knows their language then it becomes very easy for him/her to move around.

In every country, language courses are taught and even if you have to leave that country after some time it never goes to waste to be familiar with their language.

So learning a new language plays a major role in daily life in any country.

Purpose of studying Language Course In Ukraine

There are basically three main variations of preparatory courses for foreign students in Ukraine:

1: Preparatory Program For University Enrollment

This is the preparatory course program that is primarily meant to prepare foreign student for subsequent enrollment into the main program of a university if the preferred program is not available in English language.

It is an extensive curriculum that integrates language preparation as well as preparation for other subjects needed for subsequent enrollment into the main course.

2: Preparatory Program For Specific Purposes

This kind of preparatory program is usually an intensive program that is focused solely on the Ukrainian/Russian language aspect, or any other specific purpose needed by the candidate.

The candidates are usually foreign professionals, business investors or postgraduate candidates that are mainly interested in the language course aspect of the preparatory program for a specific reason or intent, such as business investment in Ukraine.

3: Preparatory Program For Visa Extension

As the Language Course is considered as the Cheapest Program In Ukraine, that's why students who are not interested in education or want to do jobs, need a less-cost program to extend their study visa every year. Also, the students who came after the deadline of admissions, are registered in Language Course till the next intake.


To get admission in Language Course in any University of Ukraine there are three steps:


To get an ADMISSION LETTER from any University of Ukraine we require the following documents:

  • Copy of International passport.
  • Copy of High School Certificates.


To get an Invitation Letter for Language Course from any University of Ukraine we require the following documents:

  • Copy of International passport.
  • Copy of High School Certificates.
  • A Consent that should be signed by the applicant. (Students can get it from our office)
  • Invitation Charges 280 US$.
  • Courier (DHL/FedEx) Charges 100 US$.

Note: Students can visit our nearest office in their region to provide documents. Also, they can pay the Admission Fee BY-HAND or directly in our company bank account.

STEP 3: How To Get Ukraine Study VISA?

After getting an invitation letter from Twelve Consultants students should contact the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate or VFS Global (Gerry's Office).

Students can contact our local representative office also for visa information and they will assist students with all necessary information for obtaining the visa.

Students should apply to Ukrainian Embassy with the following documents:

  • Original Invitation letter
  • Original international passport (valid for one year)
  • Higher Secondary School certificates
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV
  • 8 Passport size Photos.
  • Bank Statement
  • Police Certificate (Character Clearance Certificate)
  • Air Ticket Reservation.
  • Travel Insurance.