Study Nursing In Ukraine

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 Basic Overview

Type Value
Online Education Possible because of COVID-19
Average Tuition Fees 3500 US$ / Yearly
Duration (Post-graduation) 2/3 Years
Duration (Undergraduate) 4 Years
Entrance Test Not Required
Scholarships Not available
Medium of Instruction English
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Nursing is a very noble profession that allows to maintain the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities so they may accomplish, maintain or recover health and quality of life by personal satisfaction.

Top Majors Related To Nursing Degree

There are following majors available in the Nursing fields for the interested students;
  • Clinical Care Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Emergency Room/Trauma Nursing
  • Family Practice Nurse
  • Maternal/Child Health Nursing


To get admission to any Medical University of Ukraine there are three steps:


To get an ADMISSION LETTER from any University of Ukraine we require the following documents:

  • Copy of International passport.
  • Copy of High School Certificates.
  • Copy of Bachelor Degree (if the student is applying for a Master’s degree).


To get an Invitation Letter from any University of Ukraine we require the following documents:

  • Copy of International passport.
  • Copy of High School Certificates.
  • Copy of Bachelor Degree (if the student is applying for Master’s degree).
  • A Consent that should be signed by the applicant. (Students can get it from our office)
  • Invitation Charges 280 US$.
  • Courier Charges 100 US$.

Note: Students can visit our nearest office in their region to provide documents. Also, they can pay the Admission Fee BY-HAND or directly in our company bank account.

STEP 3: Documents Required For Study VISA

After getting an invitation letter from ‘Twelve Consultants’ students should contact the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate or VFS Global office.

Students can contact our local representative office also for visa information and they will assist students with their visas. The student should apply to Ukrainian Embassy with the following documents:

  • Original Invitation letter
  • Original international passport (valid for one year)
  • Higher Secondary School certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV
  • 8 Passport size Photos.
  • Bank Statement
  • Police Certificate (Character Clearance Certificate)
  • Air Ticket Reservation.
  • Travel Insurance.


  • For submitting the Visa file, students have to contact the nearest VFS Global Office (Jerry’s Office).
  • Our representative can help students to manage their visa files, submit documents in the Embassy & get a guaranteed base Visa. This service may have some additional charges as well.
  • The visa category for Ukraine Student Visa is a D-type multi-entry visa.

Advantages of studying Nursing in Ukraine

  • Standard of Education: The universities in Ukraine provide world-class education with advanced techniques & highly qualified training staff.
  • Worldwide Recognition: The medical universities of Ukraine are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, European Medical Council, African Medical Councils, Medical Council of India (MCI), Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), and all other medical councils.
  • Affordable Education Cost: Nursing in Ukraine is much cheaper as compared to other European countries but the degree value is same. That's why a number of students from the U.K, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, etc are studying medicine in Ukraine as they cannot afford the cost in their own country.
  • No Entrance Exam: There is no entrance or language proficiency exam (IELTS/TOEFL) for admission in Nursing in Ukrainian medical universities.
  • Cost of Living: Living cost in Ukraine is much lower than other European countries but you can enjoy the same lifestyle & diversity. This has become an effective reason for many to select Ukraine as their destination for higher education.
  • Personal Development: Students studying in Ukraine are encouraged to take part in other extracurricular activities like seminars and conferences to build their interest and confidence for overall learning and development.
  • Permanent Settlement: Unlike other European countries, Ukraine offers permanent residency opportunities for all International students from every country, so they can manage to do work in Ukraine after degree completion.
  • The medium of instruction in universities is English which is very comfortable for foreign students.
  • Visa Processing is easy and simple as compared to other European countries.
  • Ukraine has a good diversified structure of students. Students from many countries are studying there.

Disadvantages of studying Nursing in Ukraine

  • Climatic Conditions: Ukraine has a cold climate. One could expect frequent snowfalls from October till March.
  • Language Barrier: The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. So, it sometimes becomes difficult to communicate with the local community.
  • Homesickness: Sometimes students feel homesick. But we will consider this a temporary problem, as with the passage of time students start communicating with local & other foreign students and find good friends.
  • Limited Universities: Unlike Russia, China & other EU countries, Ukraine doesn't have a variety of Universities. As of 2021, there are around 25 Medical Universities In Ukraine.

 MBBS Fee at Top Medical Universities in Ukraine - 2021

Universities Fees (USD)
Odessa International Medical University 4300$
Lviv National Medical University 4900$
International European University Kyiv 4300$
Kharkiv National Medical University 4800$
South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University 4400$
Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University 4500$
Poltava State Medical & Dental Academy 4400$
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University 4800$
Donetsk National Medical University 4400$
Bogomolets National Medical University 4800$
Zaporizhzhia State Medical University 4300$
Vinnitsa National Medical University 5000$
Uzhhorod National Medical University 4400$
Kyiv Medical University of UAFM 3500$ + 800$
Ternopil State Medical University 4900$